Sphynx Software Solutions LLC

Sphynx Software Solutions LLC ("Sphynx") provides enterprises, government agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs with customized and highly scalable enterprise technology solutions leveraging web technologies and modern frameworks.

We create effective and impactful technology solutions, provide enterprise architecture expertise, implement industry leading partner platforms, offer local and offshore software engineering resources, and provide Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) for staff augmentation needs. We take a consultative approach to our projects. We listen first, and then focus on creating solutions that have impactful and measurable results. Sphynx has partnered with leading technology companies and various organizations to conceptualize, design, create, develop, integrate, or maintain their line-of-business solutions and internet infrastructures. We are dedicated to providing progressive and impactful solutions for both entrepreneurs and enterprises of all sizes and industries. 

Insights into our philosophy

Change is the only constant

Building this into our business model, our ability to adjust to technologies that enable growth is a core key. Having an experienced team that can identify trends that are sustainable and impactful versus those that simply address an immediate need. At the core of Sphynx are technology professionals who are knowledgeable and consistently apply that in the trenches.

People are our Sustainable Strategic Advantage

This principle defines our approach to recruiting, networking, hiring and training our people. We invest heavily in developing not just the technical skills of the team but in developing professionals whose goals are to use technology to impact the world. This a blend of skills that can be applied in entrepreneurship, academia, business, and for communal benefit.

Listening is our Key to Understanding

The pressure to create monetary value in business has emphasized technical skills as opposed to the wholistic view of their business. It is important to Sphynx that we not only understand your immediate goals but how to provide business guidance along with optimal technical delivery.

Customers hire us to get it Right

Sphynx engages its clients with transparency, clear purpose, and integrity. Our experience in delivering technologies has allowed us to successfully integrate the dynamic nature of information technology with the practical needs of our clients. We firmly believe that what drives technology companies is not marketing gimmicks or sales promises but a reputation built on a successful delivery track record. It is an art to know when to be led by clients and when to lead them.

All Strategies are Transitional

Sphynx has a defined goal but not a defined approach. We love the varied industries and technology disciplines we work within. The only way to succeed is to apply the right approach, right processes, and the right team makeup for each engagement. We have found that being in-flexible to change both as project/product goals and detailed implementation approach leads to difficulty. Our definition of Success is not just technology delivery but educating, enabling, and growing with our clients.

Focus on the Impact as the best return

There has been a tremendous leveling of businesses, entrepreneurs, and academics through technology enablement. Some of the current industry trends such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented/Virtual Realities were once limited to PHD programs in Computer Science. Now they are having a direct impact on how do business and how we live. At Sphynx, we strive to provide capabilities that bridge both the abstract and business worlds.

Confidently making Decisions

Like most organizations, we march towards perfection. Accepting that it is unrealistic, we still see it as a great method to grow with our clients. We approach most projects with confidence from 20+ years of engineering expertise. This means supporting our implementation team with experienced industry leaders (SMEs), innovative managers, and properly researched approaches. We provide suggestion based on a mix of metrics and experience.

Business (like Life) is a marathon

Many of our enterprise clients initially engage Sphynx for specific technology needs. But we soon find ourselves developing relationships that outgrow their initial projects. We at Sphynx value the journey of growth with both the businesses we engage as well the people we engage them in. This happens because we are experienced entrepreneurs, academicians, and business people who have learned the words like 'dynamic', 'innovative', 'cutting-edge', etc. are a way of living and not just a way of working. Being innovative in laughter is as important in innovative in code.

Our reputation is our Integrity

Probably the most important principle we work by. Our experience in delivering technology is that no amount of gimmicky ideas, deflective excuses, or empty promises can fool people. We pride ourselves in taking on work that we can stand by. While we have witnessed combative client/vendor relationships, exploitation of trusting clients, and opportunistic and unreasonable clients, we pride ourselves in being an honest and capable technology service provider. It is through 'word of mouth' recommendations that ends up our #1 marketing channel.
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